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Bruiser The Wonder Dog ^_^
Bruiser is a big, goofy guy whose primary goal in life is to have fun! He’s usually wearing a slobbery canine grin, and more often than not, those big lips are catching wind as he races around the yard. He’s a strong guy who needs leash training but with a little work, he’ll happily run a marathon at your side. Once he’s burned off some energy, he’d love some belly rubs from just about any human around – he likes everybody! Whether it’s hitting the trails or just playing fetch (or keep-away), Bruiser’s game. He needs a spacious yard with a serious fence and a human who likes to play as much as he does. 
What To Know When Going To See Bruiser:

Bruiser has a ton of energy that he loves to run out. (Let's be honest, you probably would too if you had to live in a kennel while waiting for your new family). It's best to allow him to run out his energy first with some toys in the field, then he will slow down and want you to scritch him. He knows how to sit and stay, and will ask you to throw his toy while he sits waiting for you.
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Tony Ajans is a Columbia, MO based photographer who is happy to explore your next photo shoot with you. Whether it is a special event, real estate, human or animal portraiture, or even some fresh new idea you have, he will work with you to capture life moments that you find important.

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