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Cici =(^_^)=
    Cici is a fantastic little ginger kitty. Trying to get extra photos of her was difficult because she kept wanting to be snuggled and brushed. The moment I walked up to her kennel, she started to make little meows to say "hi" to me; her mouth would open, but only the tiniest squeak came out. 

    She immediately let me pick her up and bring her to the room they have where you can spend one on one time with the pets. She started rubbing her face against the brush, and her purr motor kicked in as soon as I started to give her the grooming she was wanting. She will make an excellent snuggle kitty to a good home and give you years of companionship you did not realize you were missing.
About The Photographer
Tony Ajans is a Columbia, MO based photographer who is happy to explore your next photo shoot with you. Whether it is a special event, real estate, human or animal portraiture, or even some fresh new idea you have, he will work with you to capture life moments that you find important.

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