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Ramona: The Itty Bitty Calico Kitty
Ramona is an itty bitty kitty, who quite possibly holds a seat on the itty bitty kitty committee (if she doesn't yet, you could always help her submit the paperwork).

When we first showed up, Ramona was ranging around the cat room as there was a mouse loose, and her prowess was being examined. She does not seem to have the mousing skills down, however she was all about the cuddles, and her purr box is definitely up to code. 

She's happy to play or snuggle, with "Receiving Scritches" being top on her to-do list every day. She definitely seems like the type of kitty to sit on your lap if you are working at a computer, or to lay on your book while you attempt to read, because she knows that kitty cuddles are more important than anything else.
About The Photographer
Tony Ajans is a Columbia, MO based photographer who is happy to explore your next photo shoot with you. Whether it is a special event, real estate, human or animal portraiture, or even some fresh new idea you have, he will work with you to capture life moments that you find important.

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